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Youkai Watch. Animated adaptation of Level-5's Nintendo 3DS video game. While going deeper into the woods one day, primary school student Keita Amano ('Nate' in the English localisation) notices a bizarre capsule toy machine who tells him to insert money which he obeyingly does. But after opening the capsule that came out, a ghostly creature.

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The Satori (覚, Satori lit. Consciousness) are a type of mountain-dwelling yōkai in Japanese folklore that holds the power to read human thoughts. The creature is said to approach travelers on mountain paths in hominid form and speak their thoughts aloud. It said that only way to counter a satori is to empty one's mind, in which case the creature will grow bored and leave, run in. Yurei became known in the Western countries, thanks to the Japanese horror movies (J-Horror). One of the most famous movies is The Ring (リ ン グ, by Hideo Nakata, 1998), the most profitable horror movie in Japan. The story is about a cursed videotape, in which a girl appeared through the screen when one watched the tape.

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About the Author. As a teenage, Vince Bios was fascinated with the paranormal where he learned everything possible about the unknown through books, movies and documentaries. Over the years, he attended night classes, gone to seminars, and joined several ghost hunting groups in pursuing answers to the unnatural mysterious happening in the world.

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"Yokai's secret" is a decrypt game with ecchi girls. The "Country of Yamato" once had cherry blossoms, and Yokai lived in peace with human beings. One day, the Yokai suddenly began to riot. $1.99. Visit the Store Page. Most popular community.

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Making a Daruma Doll. The production of Daruma dolls is an almost exclusive enterprise of the city of Takasaki, in Gunma Prefecture (north of Tokyo). The town produces over 80% of all the dolls distributed in Japan. From here, the dolls reach every corner of the country, and can be purchased in every city (or online through many websites.

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Some yokai also have the ability to shape shift. Such yokai are known as Obake (お化け). Yokai, unlike Yurei, are not bound to a certain person or location. They roam the country freely and you might encounter a Kappa (a mischievous, but harmless, turtle-shaped yokai) near a small stream or pond some summer's evening.

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Apr 1, 2014 - Explore Frank Foeth's board "Youkai story MCMOOC" on Pinterest. See more ideas about japanese culture, japan, japanese folklore. In Japanese folklore, Yokai are strange, supernatural monsters, spirits and demons. Oni is another name for demons as well. However, there are varying myths that suggest that oni is a type of yokai. ... One such story is of a yamauba providing shelter to a pregnant woman with plans of eating her baby after it was born.

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Regardless of their rises and declines in prevalence in pop culture, yokai stories have remained a constant through Japanese culture. These tales are commonly told to Japanese children and are continually referenced in books, movies, place names and traditions. This Japanese bat character toy is based on yokai folklore.

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Some people seem to label them as being 'demons', while others say they are not demons in the Western sense of the word. Either way I have always had an interest in Japanese culture and I recently started wanting to learn more about the various yokai after that interesting news a few months ago about one of the most evil and dangerous yokai, a nine tailed fox woman named Tamamo no Mae who.

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Courtesy of Fantasia. A cavalcade of creatures from Japanese folklore come alive in “The Great Yokai War: Guardian,” a hugely enjoyable fantasy-adventure directed by.

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Tsuchigumo is a giant spider yōkai that began to be depicted as large mythical spider-like beasts in the Japanese middle ages. They are sometimes referred to as yatsukahagi or ōgumo. In Japanese, tsuchigumo translates literally as dirt or earth spider. Tsuchigumo has been depicted in numerous fashions throughout history, but is commonly.

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